Barbara Appolloni is an architect and interior designer studio based in Barcelona.

Her work includes renowned projects in both residential and retail fields, combining functionality, aesthetics and maximizing the potential of spaces on multiple scales, including the smallest.

Both her Lego Apartment (24 sqm) which has more than 30M visits online, and the Shoebox House have become a benchmark projects.

Her design work also includes commercial establishments such as supermarkets, bars and restaurants, creating modern iconic spaces that become a brand such as the Federal Café Parlament in Barcelona.

The studio has projects in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and France and offers knowledge, experience and creativity, in all phases of the architectural project, from the strategic approach and design, to construction and construction management.



c/ Avila 152, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
Tel. +34 645 816 268
COAC nº 47896